Dev Blog: Map Genesis

Good day to you, Inquisitors!

This week our Dev-blog will not tackle the second part of our "Choices and Consequences" post, but rather engage in a little digression concerning the creation of game maps!

These days we are working on the map for one of the main locations in "Sine Requie: Snake Eyes": the city of Florence, where our true adventure will begin. We asked our programmer (which we suspect of being an heretic - take his statements with a grain of salt!), to explain the details of his witchcraft in an understandable way!

"Creating a map is a step-by-step process. First of all we decide on the actual layout of the area (this step was easy, since Florence is described in the book Sine Requie: Sanctum Imperium). Then we create all the locations that the inquisitorial team will be able to visit and explore, and each of them has a unique marker assigned to it. Finally, we create a network of connections that will allow the group to travel between locations.

Now, Florence is basically already playable! Well, it's missing the fancy graphics, but those are always the last step!"
Well then, we'll see you next week with our Dev-Blog "Graphs, Trees and Ineluctable Fate". Fun, happy stuff!

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