Dev Blog: Choose your own impending Doom

This Devblog will give you some insight into Sine Requie Snake Eyes' different game modes: indeed, the game allows you to face the dangers of Sine Requie by way of two different game mechanics, both appropriately merciless:

  • Race against the Clock
  • Episodes

In Race against the Clock, your inquisitorial team has a finite number of turns in which to complete the main mission: you will have the option to do things quickly and save some time, or get deeply involved in the current situation. You will be the one managing your time.
The Episodes mode breaks the game into different chapters, each of them with its own limited turns. If your team fails to solve the chapter within the allotted actions, you will be forced to reload from a previous point.
Each of the two modes allows you to experience the contents under a different light, customizing the game and tailoring it to your personal taste and needs.
Rest assured, however, that regardless of which mode you choose there won't be much time for catching your breath. There is no rest in Sine Requie.




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